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Toronto Island CruisesView From The CN Tower

You live in a mega city, you walk out your door on a hot day you breathe in the air of Toronto and the noise…. You live next to the Toronto Islands and you probably never enjoyed a Toronto Island Cruise. Experience the tranquility, the fresh air of the islands as you cruise through the Toronto Islands. If you have never cruised the Islands, book one of the Toronto Island cruises today!

The Toronto Island is a chain of small islands in Lake Ontario. The islands are located just offshore from the Canadian city of Toronto, and provide shelter for Toronto Harbour. The islands are a popular recreational destination, and are home to a small residential community and to Toronto Island Airport. They are connected to the mainland by several ferry services.

The islands comprise the largest urban car-free community in North America, though some service vehicles are permitted. Recreational bicyclists are accommodated on the ferries, and bicycles and quadricycles can be rented on one of the island. 

Hanlan's Point

First we enter the Islands at Hanlan's Point, named after the first family that settled on Gibraltar Point in 1862. With the ferry dock on the starboard side and Island Yacht Club on the port side as we cruise past block House Bay towards the old lighthouse pond, you will see day and weekenders dock along the south west wall, a very popular spot in the summer.

Boaters sit by their small camp fire, play some tunes, drink beer, enjoy the country air and yet so close to the second largest city in Canada, makes this a perfect location for sailors passing by Toronto. Any request on docking fees information should be made to Toronto Island Marina.

Toronto Island Lighthouse

The Toronto Island Lighthouse built on Gibraltar Point, always had a front view of Toronto as the city history unfold. The construction took place in 1803 and went into operation in 1809. Now 199 years old, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is the oldest landmark in Toronto.

To read more on the islands and see a sketch of the Lighthouse Visit Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto

A Murder Mystery Remains on a Toronto Island

As with lots of historical buildings, the lighthouse has had it share of tragedy. Tales of murder came about after the lighthouse keeper Radan Muller disappeared. That takes us back to January 2nd, 1815 the day lighthouse keeper was murdered.

The tell tales of this story says that Radan Muller smuggled whisky and was a bootlegger. One night some drunken soldiers from Fort York were looking for more booze to drink and knocked on the old lighthouse door.

When Radan opened the door, the drunken soldiers ask for some beers and as they were turned down they chased the lighthouse keeper up the lighthouse stairs and killed him, which after he was dismembered and berried at different locations around the Gibraltar Point lighthouse.

The soldiers were later arrested and charged with his murder but later acquitted; therefore, to this day, it remains a murder mystery. Rumors have it that the lighthouse keeper is still searching the grounds of Gibraltar Point for parts of his body.

Center Island Attractions

As we cruise down long pond and around the narrow and very shallow channel of Forestry Island at times you can see wildlife on both sides of the ship. Towards the end of Long Pond on the port side we have the old bleachers that spectators use to cheer on the Toronto Island regatta. A little further we have Center Island Bridge that connects to the main Island to Centerville Amusement Park.

Along with Centerville Amassment Park many events takes place in the large park of Center Island.

Toronto Island is a great place to visit on land and even better from the water.

Come enjoy a Toronto, Island cruise and Lake Ontario onboard one of Toronto's Signature Yacht, where hospitality is at its best.


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